Stevia rebaudiana Extraction And Processing Production Line

Stevia is a natural sweetener derived from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant. The extraction process involves isolating and purifying the sweet-tasting compounds, called steviol glycosides, from the leaves. Here's a general outline of the stevia extraction process:

Stevia rebaudiana Extraction And Processing Production Line


Harvesting:The first step is to harvest the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant. The leaves contain the steviol glycosides, which are responsible for the sweet taste.

Drying:After harvesting, the leaves are dried to reduce their moisture content. This helps in preserving the quality of the leaves during storage and transportation.
Crushing or grinding: The dried leaves are crushed or ground into smaller particles, increasing the surface area for the extraction process.

Extraction:There are several methods for extracting steviol glycosides from the crushed leaves. Some common methods include:

  • Water extraction: The crushed leaves are mixed with hot water, and the steviol glycosides are leached into the water. This creates a stevia leaf extract.
  • Ethanol extraction: The crushed leaves are mixed with food-grade ethanol (alcohol) to extract the steviol glycosides. The ethanol helps to dissolve the sweet compounds.

Filtration:After the extraction process, the liquid extract undergoes filtration to remove any remaining plant material and impurities, leaving a more concentrated solution of steviol glycosides.

Purification:The concentrated extract may still contain other compounds alongside the steviol glycosides, so further purification is necessary. Various purification techniques, such as chromatography, ion exchange, or precipitation, are used to separate and isolate the steviol glycosides.

Concentration: The purified steviol glycosides are then concentrated to increase their sweetness. This step reduces the volume of the final product, making it more efficient for storage and transportation.

Drying and crystallization: The concentrated extract is dried, and the steviol glycosides are crystallized to obtain a pure form of stevia sweetener. This powder or liquid is the final stevia extract ready for use as a natural sweetener in various food and beverage products.


The tank is equipped with CIP cleaning automatic rotating spray ball, temperature gauge, pressure gauge, explosion-proof sightglass lamp, sight glass, quickopening feeding port, etc., to ensure easy operation and meet GMP standards. The inner cylinder of the equipment is made of 304 and 316L.

Series technical parametesTQ-1TQ-2TQ-3TQ-4TQ-5TQ-6
Tank design pressure (MPA)
Compressed air pressure (MPA)
Feed port diameter (mm)400400400500500500
Heating area (m²)34.767.59.512
Condensation area (m²)4455810
Coling area (m²)111223
Filtration area (m²)333556
Slag gate area (m²)800800800100010001000
Energy consumption (kg/h)245325345645720850

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