Pre-sale and after-sale service commitment

一、Technical service plan within warranty period

Wenzhou Jinbang Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales. Professional in the production and sales of pharmaceutical, bioengineering machinery and equipment professional enterprises. The company mainly specializes in consulting, scheme design and manufacturing, budget, on-site installation and after-sale maintenance of traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment, concentration equipment, separation and purification equipment, alcohol recovery equipment and drying equipment.

1. Introduction of after sales service system

The goal of after-sales service is: responsibility, fast and response.

Contact information of quick after-sales service during warranty period:


The technical personnel of the company have a strong sense of responsibility, which will safeguard the interests of customers and guarantee the company's reputation first, and meet the needs of customers with high-quality services.


We respond within 2 hours after receiving the failure notice.


Our engineer will arrive at the site within 24 hours and complete troubleshooting until normal operation is resumed. If the above time limit is not arrived and the fault is eliminated, Party A has the right to entrust a third party to carry out maintenance, and Party B shall bear the cost; Party B shall bear the liquidated damages of 1000 yuan / time, and Party A shall have the right to deduct Party B's liquidated damages from the quality assurance fund directly; If Party A fails to eliminate the fault within the specified time due to Party B's breach of the agreement, and thus causes Party A to compensate the third party for the loss, Party A shall have the right to recover all losses from Party B.

2. Service mode

The company shall modify and adjust the warranty items, contents, scope, period and other contents as stipulated in relevant national regulations and contract terms. The warranty period shall be calculated from the date of completion and delivery and use, and the service will take effect immediately and will be valid for life.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance service refers to the equipment and operation maintenance of your system by the professional engineering technicians of the company, so as to keep the equipment and system in good operation condition. Regular service will be provided to you every year (the implementation time can be determined by the two parties in written contact in advance).

· Establish customer maintenance records and files for each maintenance.

· In the scope of our factory technology and service capacity, meet other needs of customers.

Technical return visit

· Regularly understand the operation of the system to the user;

· We guarantee to make a technical return visit to your company every 60 days.

3. Service content

After sales service includes door-to-door diagnosis, fault maintenance, technical consultation, technical training, technical data, fault response plan, etc.

Door to door diagnosis

The company responds within 2 hours after receiving the fault call and arrives at the site 24 hours.


In case of equipment failure, our company provides technical guidance of 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to help handle the failure. If your company cannot solve the technical and maintenance problems of the equipment, our company shall reply within 1 hour after receiving the call notice, and then we will reach the site to handle the fault within 24 hours (except for special circumstances, the arrival time of both parties shall be negotiated)

Technical consultation

In addition to the technical support personnel of after-sales service will provide timely technical consulting service, the company provides technical service hotline 24 hours to solve or record the consultation of users in real time.

Technical training

· Free training for your operation and maintenance personnel, and our company will send engineers to your company for free training; Assist the user in putting into production and testing two batches.

· Establish user files and follow up user use information for review during after-sales service.

· Ask the user for comments again and immediately feedback to the technical department.

· Provide other services as specified in the contract.

technical information

· Fully respond to and cooperate with the tenderee to complete the required equipment data, such as GMP certification data, maintenance manual, product specification, total parameters of purchased parts, quality card of purchased parts, etc. After the equipment commissioning and acceptance, the relevant data shall be submitted to you in detail after detailed debate. In case of any loss of data caused by Party A, we will do our best to assist you in solving the problem in a friendly manner.

· Assist the demander to provide equipment data, verification data and all technical data related to the project.

· Strictly implement the project in accordance with the terms of the bidding documents and the contract terms.

Failure response plan

L where to send personnel from the maintenance point: from the headquarters of the company;

How to arrive at the scene within the promised response time: after receiving the demander's fault call, buy tickets or drive to the site by itself to eliminate the fault;

Where to collect the spare parts and spare parts (storage of spare parts and spare parts): the maintenance personnel shall collect the required spare parts from the headquarters of the company, and the purchased parts shall be sent to the site directly by the manufacturer (the company has a large number of spare parts and spare parts storage)

4. Scope of service

Except for the irresistible events (lightning stroke, power accident, flood, fire, earthquake, war, etc.) or equipment accidents caused by improper handling and operation of the user, we are responsible for free maintenance of all the equipment provided during normal operation under normal conditions and environment due to the equipment defects.

5. Safeguards

The company adheres to the attitude of being responsible to the users, provides certain safeguard measures to ensure the smooth progress of after-sales technical support. The following safeguard measures are as follows:

Technical support

After sales service department has accumulated rich practical experience through long-term after-sales service work, and has strong technical force, providing strong technical guarantee for after-sales service. The verifier shall provide you with the verification and re verification of the equipment, and provide you with the standard verification data to ensure that you can successfully complete the GMP certification or GMP re inspection.

Personnel support

The after-sales service department has many engineers with rich experience. With many years of after-sales service experience, the work attitude is serious and responsible. The ability to solve various problems can effectively ensure the smooth progress of the user's work. In actual work, we will adjust the technical support personnel according to the needs, and select the appropriate personnel to participate in the after-sales work, Provide sufficient personnel support for after-sales technical support;

2、 Technical service plan beyond warranty period

In addition to providing the accessories with corresponding national standard years, the company promises to continue to provide lifelong service for the project, only material fees and labor costs will be charged;

1. Maintenance plan

· from the next day after the installation, trial operation and acceptance of the products, we shall give 12 months warranty service period (except for vulnerable parts and artificial damages) for the normal use of the contract products. If there is any problem, we shall replace them unconditionally. We are responsible for providing free technical support for life.

· after the equipment is installed in place of your company, upon receiving the written commissioning form of your company, our company shall send relevant personnel to debug and follow up the shift to assist in production until the normal production and stable operation of the equipment.

· we are responsible for the quality of the products and materials provided by them for life.

Responsible for the free upgrading of technology and software.

if the product is upgraded, the supply chain of accessories shall not be interrupted after the replacement, and the normal operation of your company shall be ensured.

2. Quality assurance measures of goods

Quality of goods

· From raw materials to finished processing and warehousing, all process procedures will be strictly in accordance with the "Jinbang quality control procedure", and each part shall be subject to "first inspection" and "quality inspection", and it is firmly prohibited to reuse parts with deviation. Each component can be checked and each assembly detail shall be completed, which is composed of the process of "small assembly inspection general assembly inspection final inspection issue certificate".

· The steel plate purchased by our company is a famous brand of domestic enterprises - Taigang or Baosteel.

Cargo allocation

Strictly implement in accordance with the technical terms of bidding, and make the configuration advanced, meet the requirements of national GMP, the equipment station is reasonably set, the connection of each single machine is stable and the capacity is matched.

Delivery time

The management of the project group of the bidding party equipment shall be responsible for the full -time staff of the equipment in real time, and to provide effective communication with the customers in a timely manner. Ensure delivery time and delivery quality.