Custom Stainless Steel ASME heat exchanger

304L Stainless steel shell and tube evaporator The tube core and shell of this type heat exchanger are made of good-quality 304 stainless steel. has a good water circulation effect through the use of precision closed holes and internal guide device technologyUsing 304L stainless steel tube, no Seam welding,small holes are evenly distributed and plastic spiral baffles greatly improve heat exchange effect and water flow rate,and effectively avoid the problem of rapid scaling and make the equipment safe and efficient for long-term operation

Custom Stainless Steel ASME heat exchanger


Working principle

Heat transfer principle: heat and cold for heat transfer of two kinds of fluid, one in the pipe flow, known as pipe fluid;The other flow outside the tube is called shell - side fluid.In order to improve the heat transfer coefficient of the fluid outside the tube, several baffles are usually installed in the shell.The baffle can increase the fluid velocity of the shell side, force the fluid to cross the tube bundle several times according to the prescribed route, and enhance the degree of fluid turbulence.The heat exchange pipes can be arranged in equilateral triangle or square on the tube plate.The equilateral triangle has compact arrangement, high turbulence and high heat transfer coefficient.The square arrangement makes it convenient to clean the outside of the tube and is suitable for the fluid that is easy to scale.


1.Fast heat exchange
2.Compact structure and small footprint
3.Flexible design+complete specifications
4.Strong practical pertinence
5.Energy saving
6.Light weight
7.Wide range of application conditions
8.Wide range of applications
9.Easy to install
10.Easy to clean,long cleaning cycle
11.Easy to operate

Technical parameter

Profile typeTuber exchanger
MaterialSS304 or SS316L
Capacity0.1T/H-100T/H (Customized)
Working pressure0.8Mpa(Customized)
Heating Area/Cooling Area0.1~20M2
The Diameter of PipeΦ6/Φ9/Φ12/Φ16/Φ19/Φ25mm
Inlet OutletΦ19~ Φ219mm

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