high pressure vessel stainless steel ASME air storage tank manufacturers

Compressed Air Tank (also called gas storage tank, air tank, Co2 tank, Oxygen tank, or nitrogen tank, etc al) is widely used to store and transport gas which keep the stored gas in stable pressure. According to the different ability of bearing pressure, storage tank is divided into has high pressure, low pressure and normal pressure storage tank. It can reduce pressure pulsation, the temperature of compressed air, the load on the filter and desiccant.

high pressure vessel stainless steel ASME air storage tank manufacturers


Working principle

Air compressor gas receiver function is used to save gas cushion, make the gas supply is more stable, reduce the frequent start air compressor, reduce the temperature in the gas path, remove moisture, dust and impurities in the air, also can reduce the dryer load, and at the same time let the compressed air in the reservoir sedimentation is more advantageous to in addition to water decontamination, avoid frequent air compressor and unload and get rid of most of the liquid water.

Technical parameter

Volume1m³ ~ 300m³
Working Pressure0.2 MPa ~ 100 MPa
MediumCompressed Air, water,CO2, N2, H2, gas Etc.
MaterialStainless Steel
TypeVertical or Horizonal
Design TemperaturerNormal or Customized
Surface TreatmentPainting, Sand Blast
Manufacture StandardASME, PED(CE)


  • High plastic toughness, uniform force and reasonable stress distribution.
  • Good corrosion resistance, stress elimination by heat treatment.
  • Finite element analysis of fatigue design.
  • The perfect quality assurance system with advanced manufacturing process bring hig quality products.
  • Varieties and different tanks meet customized requirement.
  • Working temperature is PP-10℃~120℃,PVC40℃~60℃.
  • Working pressure is atmospheric pressure.

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