Ossein Extraction Machine Production Line

Ossein is a natural bone-flavoring material obtained through deep processing of animal bone and meat. The products involve bone essential oil, bone soup, ossein flavoring essence, pet feed, seasoning package, etc. Advantages of Tianlian ossein extraction equipment(national invention patent): The upper open cover structure is equipped with heating direct spray device, which is beneficial to heat and mass transfer, shortening soaking heating time, high extraction efficiency, high pressure resistance in the tank, convenient feeding and discharging, high degree of automation.

Ossein Extraction Machine Production Line


Ossein extraction equipment composition

Ossein extraction equipment

1.raw material bone crushing system

2.extraction tank system

3.water recovery system

4.cooling water system of concentrator

5.broth separation tank system

6.temporary storage tank system before concentration

7.batching and sterilization tank


9.steel platform

10.filling system

11.residual bone system

12.electronic control system

1.raw material bone crushing system includes: raw material unpacking platform, feed conveyor, discharge conveyor, crusher, raw material frame , etc.

2.The extraction system includes: precision filter, extraction tank, double filter, transfer pump, circulation pump,etc.

3.The broth separation system includes: broth separation tank, particle filter, liquid transfer pump, buffer bucket, etc.

4.The temporary storage tank system before concentration includes: temporary storage tank before concentration, particle filter, transfer pump , etc.

5.Batching and sterilization tank,homogenizer: batching and sterilization tank, pneumatic diaphragm pump, homogenizer ,etc.

6.Steel platform: extraction,separation, temporary storage, batching, sterilization, maintenance and mobile and extraction tank bracket.

7.Filling system: liquid filling machine, particle filling machine, particle filter, CAM rotor pump, sealing machine.

8.residual bone system: residual bone trough, slide bucket, raw material bin, heating mixing tank, coil dryer, rotary cooler, spray tower, screw conveyor, distribution cabinet, material mixing bin, high temperature slaking tank, exhaust gas vacuum cooling and drying.

9.Electric control system: all electric control parts.

Specification selection of ossein extraction and concentration equipment:

The ossein extraction and concentration equipment designed and produced by our company will be designed and produced according to the production scale of customers. It has standard 1.5T, 3T, 5T, 10T, 15T, 20T and other different specifications. It has the advantages of high extraction efficiency, low energy consumption cost and convenient operation.

Brief introduction of ossein extraction process:

Its technological process: animal bone → crushing→ pretreatment →extraction → separation → concentration → preparation → drying (filling/bagging)→ finished product.

Ossein nutrition and Application:

Ossein, as a flavoring substance, has been widely used in instant noodle flavoring packages, sauces and snack foods to enhance the flavor and protein content of products. Extracting flavorful substances from bone can not only make better use of the nutritional components of bone, but also provide raw materials for the production of some flavorings. Our (chicken, pig, cow) OSSEIN production line can be widely used in meat processing, instant noodles (seasoning package) production.For example, ossein as the base material, appropriate addition of sugar, organic acid, monosodium glutamate, spices and flavor nucleotide and other substances, can be made into different varieties and different flavors of compound condiments.

(take 12000L extraction tank as example)
  • Volume: 12000L;
  • Working pressure: inside working pressure 0.3Mpa, jacket working pressure 0.4Mpa;
  • Working temperature: 134ºC;
  • Inside Material: meat; bones; water; steam; Jacket;
  • Main structure: Vertical; triple layer with insulation; top and bottom conical cover; tank body incline type; smoothly rotation; accurate location; random angle stop; stainless steel protection device at the rotary part;
High-efficiency Concentrating System
(1)Application Scope

This system is applicable in concentrating of all kinds of bone extracts solution. According to the content and physico-chemical property of bone extracts solution. We adopt the technology of membrane filtration or MVR to achieve the separating and concentrating the bones extract, and produce the bone products with high additional value.

(2)Performance Characteristics
  • Stable working;energy-saving;low steam consumption;
  • High concentration factor;short concentration time;
  • Workable for heat sensitive material;
  • High heat transfer coefficient,preventing the "Drywall" phenomenon;
Maillard Compound Reaction Tank System
(1)Operating Principles

Firstly turn on the stirrer motor and reducer, under the drive of stirring shaft rotary, the scrapper stirrer; propeller, frame stirrer will all start rotary.
The Polystyrene plate connected with spring installed on the scrapper stirrer sweeps the material stick on the inner tank wall, between the level beam of frame stirrer and the shaft has 45 degrees angle, which will form pushing force.
Input solid material after the stirrer starting, otherwisethe solid material may deposit to the dead angle under the stirrer supporting bearing, the bottom sectorial scrapper can blend the material to dissolve it evenly. Afterwards turn on the steam, the steam heats the product inside tank through the jacket baffle plate and jacket covers, the condensate water is discharged through the condensate outlet. Observe the temperature of the probe, adjust the stirrer speed and direction, Turn off the steam after the reaction finisshed, open the bottom valves to discharge. After discharging,turn on the CIP cleaning ball to clean the tank inside surface, all reaction procedures finish.

  • Continuously feeding,auto discharging,high reaction efficiency;
  • Compound stirring system,easy to clean,product not easy to get coked;
  • Aroma recycle device can collect the aroma produced during the reaction process;

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