CIP Cleaning System


The CIP cleaning unit is a safe and automatic cleaning system that does not decompose production equipment and can be easily introduced to all food, beverage and pharmaceutical plants.
CIP cleaning equipment not only cleans the machine but also controls the cleaning of microorganisms.


CIP Cleaning System


CIP machine including the following unit :

CIP wshing tank :

as the process requirement ,we can make single tank ,double tanks ,three tanks or four tanks group .as usual the CIP tanks can be work as the acid solution tank ,alkali solution tank ,hot water tank ,pure water tank .

CIP heating system :

can use steam to heat via the heat exchanger or tank jacket or by electrcial .

CIP washing pump
CIP back pump
Control instrument :

PH sensor ( conductivity meter ) ,temperature sensor ,pressure gauge ,flow meter etc .

Control panel system
Pipeline and valves for CIP system

Automatic type CIP machine can control automatic for the following parameter:

Acid solution and alkali solution dosing by diaphragm pump according to the PH sensor data automatic.

Washing solution temperature can adjustable automatic.

Washing time can automatic set.

Washing proceed can be automatic set.

CIP system working principle:

Is to control the opening and closing of the steam valve by measuring the temperature sensor; to control the opening and closing of the water valve by measuring the level of the liquid through the pressure transmitter; to control the pneumatic diaphragm pump dosiong acid/ alkali by measuring the conductivity meter. The overall control process is water filling to the tank --acid tank (alkali tank ) PH adjust- water heating - hot water washing - alkali washing - hot water washing - acid washing - hot water washing.

CIP Cleaning Tank

CIP Systems is a central integration system, mainly composed of single or multiple cleaning fluid Storage Tank and pipe, distributor, booster pump, circumfluence pump, pneumatic control valve acid-base metering pump, plate heat exchanger, temperature control instrument, electrical conductivity detector, liquid level controller, PLC, touch screen, control cabinet and system pipe valve parts, etc.



In-place cleaning, easy to operate, safe, low labor intensity, high work efficiency.


Clean thoroughly, achieving disinfection sterilization, and guaranteeing the sanitary requirements, is helpful to improve product quality.


Pipelining type cleaning to reduce the occupying room.


Detergent can be recycled, high utilization ratio saving steam and water.


Less wearing parts, equipment, long service lifeSuitable for large, medium and small equipment cleaning.


Cleaning can be programmed and automated.


Widely used in the beverage, dairy, juice, beer, sugar, biological pharmaceutical automatic production process.
The small portable CIP online cleaning system mainly used in biological fermentation, the pharmaceutical industry.

Design Parameter

Water prewash3min-5min40ºC-50ºC
Alkali wash5min-15min60ºC-80ºC
Intermediate washing3min-5min40ºC-50ºC
Acid pickling5min-10min60ºC-80ºC
Finally water washed3min-5min40ºC-50ºC

Normal Model And Main Technical Parameters

Acid tank volume (L)5001000200030004000
Alkali tank volume (L)5001000200030004000
Hot water tank volume (L)5001000200030004000
Heating methodCoil, plate, tube heating, electric heat pipe heating
CIP PumpFollow Rate(m³/h)1010202030
Pump Head(m)2424363636

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