stainless steel short-path molecular distillation for unsaturated fatty acidfatty

Short path - or molecular - distillation allows the evaporation of heat sensitive products at operating pressures down to 0,001mbar at short residence times. On a cylindrical heating jacket the product is distributed and turbulized by a wiping system. The evaporated fraction is condensed on a condenser installed in the center of the evaporator. This arrangement minimizes the path from evaporation to condensing surface and achieves the lowest possible pressure drop. The high vacuum and the short residence time avoids thermal stress and decomposition of the processed products.

stainless steel short-path molecular distillation for unsaturated fatty acidfatty


Product features and description

Short path distillation/Molecular distillation is a special liquid-liquid separation technology, which is different from
traditional distillation on the different boiling point.

This is a kind of distillation in high vacuum environment, for thedifference of material molecular movement free path, was carried out in the heat sensitive material or high boiling point material distillation and purification process.

Short path distillation is mainly used in chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, spices, plastics, oil and other fields.

Equipment structure:

The equipment features are as follows:

* Heating area range from 0.05m2 to 20m2, for lab~industrial production.

* Temperature up to 350℃

* High evaporation efficiency, Short residence time and low evaporation temperature.

* Short path evaporation with minimal pressure loss, High working vacuum.

* Moveable blade, Smith type (Consistent film thickness distributed over the evaporator surface)

* Main application: Most sepatation application; Low viscosity, concentration and purification.

* Magnetic coupling seal and mechanical seal optional.

applies the principle of molecular distillation, a special technique for physical separation using the difference of the molecular weight. Different from the traditional separation principle based on boiling point. Molecular distillation can solve lots of problems that are difficult to be solved by conventional technology separation. The production process is green and clean, and has a wide application prospect.

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