Germany DOHLER Group vacuum belt dryer turnkey project has been completed


The installation and commissioning of two vacuum belt dryers customized by the German DOHLER Group have been completed and officially put into production.

JNBAN Belt Vacuum Drying (BVD) is a method of continuously distributing liquid raw materials on a conveyor belt under vacuum conditions.The materials are dried with the conveyor belt on the heating plate, and then cooled, embrittled and pulverized. A low temperature drying method. During the whole drying process, the extract is in a vacuum, closed environment, and the drying process is mild(operating temperature 30-135° C), which can maintain its physical properties to the maximum extent and obtain a high quality final product.Since the material is gradually dried under a vacuum for a period of time, the particles obtained by drying have a certain degree of crystallization effect, and at the same time, there are micropores inside from the microscopic structure. After directly pulverizing to the required particle size, the flowability of the particles is very good, and it can be directly tableted or filled with mash, and the particles have good fast solubility.

VBD advantages

● Continuous feeding and continuous discharging under vacuum condition.

● Achieve drying, pulverizing and granulating processes under vacuum.

● Process automation, continuous and pipeline in the drying process.

● Organic solvents can be recycled, no emissions, no pollution.

● System operating costs are 1/3 of vacuum oven and spray drying.

● Shredded mesh 20-120 mesh (adjustable).

● Low temperature and fast drying process will greatly improve product quality.

● According to the characteristics of the material, the corresponding equipment can be carried out online for the drying process parameters.

● Continuous discharge in 30-60 minutes, product recovery rate of more than 99%.

● It can solve the continuous drying of heat sensitive, high sugar and high viscosity materials.

● Complete the granulation process under vacuum to avoid secondary moisture absorption, waste, and pollution.

● The material has excellent instant solubility after drying, which is unmatched by other traditional drying.

● Low labor costs, up to 2 operators.

● It will not pollute the environment due to dust and odor.

● The entire system is automatically controlled by PLC.

● Implement online CIP automatic cleaning.

● The entire system and process meet GMP requirements.

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