Chocolate electric heating mixing tank


Recently, a New Zealand customer inquired whether our chocolate mixing tank has been made. The customer's needs are as follows: Generally, the temperature of the chocolate during the melting process cannot exceed 50 degrees, and then the stirring paddle needs to be stirred along the tank wall during stirring. These two items, otherwise it will burn the pot, and then the customer needs to transfer the chocolate to another equipment after the chocolate is melted and stirred, and asks if we have a suitable machine for him. Our salesmen have made a set of plans for customers based on past experience:

Double-jacketed wall scraping mixing tank, hot water in the jacket is heated, and temperature controller is equipped to control the temperature. The tank is equipped with scraping wall stirring. During stirring, the tetrafluoro scraper can scrape the residual material on the tank wall. Down, there will be no paste pot phenomenon. Equipped with a rotor pump at the discharge port, and the pump head is equipped with a thermal insulation jacket. These are the solutions given according to the general requirements of customers. At the same time, our business also explained to customers the advantages of using our JNBAN mixing tank in food:

1. The motors are uniformly selected from domestic well-known brands of gear reducers instead of the old-fashioned cycloid gear motors, which greatly prolongs the service life of the motor. The base of the stirring motor is also made of stainless steel, and an anti-leakage device is also made, which truly achieves hygiene.

2. The electric control boxes are all made of stainless steel 304, and the internal electrical components are made of Schneider electrical components (greatly reducing after-sales risks)

3. The internal stirring adopts a circular hollow thickness tube, and the scraper adopts a PTFE thickened scraper, which makes the stirring effect more uniform and fast. After listening to our introduction, the customer immediately ordered a set to buy and have a look. If it is used well later, there are still a few jars to order.

The material, structure and layout of various stainless steel mixing tank products developed and manufactured by JNBAN are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of food machinery and equipment manufacturing. To ensure that each product provided has first-class quality standards, excellent performance. We respect, trust and care for every user, we strive to serve every one of our users, and we must deeply root the "JNBAN" brand image in the hearts of every user! We firmly believe that only with the trust and support of all users can we survive and develop; we sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit us, and sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life to make progress together and create brilliance together!

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