Malt Products Corporation invests in vacuum belt dryer


Important to the drying of malted barley extract, vacuum belt drying utilises a gentler process that protects unique-to-product characteristics not found in other sweeteners, including antioxidants, essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Vacuum belt drying also helps avoid burnt notes or other off-flavors and aromas typical with spray drying, and better controls the maillard reaction for a more consistent final product colour. The lower pressures used by vacuum belt dryers reduce the temperature at which moisture is evaporated – this eliminates oxidation and prevents damage to critical functionalities of the original syrup.

Vacuum belt drying produces a powder that is highly soluble in cold liquids, making it preferable for malt beverages. The enhanced technology will allow Malt Products Corporation  to manufacture products such as honey, agave and molasses that are difficult or impossible to dry on a spray dryer without additives.

The initiative also has an eye toward eco-consciousness: vacuum belt dryers use less energy and water than spray dryers, reducing environmental impact