BVD Series vacuum belt drying unit


BVD series vacuum belt drying unit is a modern pharmaceutical equipment that Whenzhou Jinbang Light Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd. has successfully developed in recent years.

The only equipment manufacturer in China that has obtained 2 invention patents in the field of vacuum belt dryers.
China’s first manufacturer to independently develop vacuum belt dryer equipment that meets FDA  standards.

It has been put into large-scale production in the first line of many well-known pharmaceutical,food and biological enterprises in China.The operation quality of equipment is stable,and the effect of energy saving and emission reduction is obvious.

The BVD series vacuum belt dryer was evaluated by the expert group organized by the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province,and passed the design and manufacture of the scientific and technological achievements of Zhejiang Province in 2008 (identification certificate numbers:Zhejiang Technical Association Identification [2008] No.186).Technology is at the international advanced level.

 BVD series vacuum belt dryers have been included in the "Eleventh Five-Year National Science and Technology Support Program,Zhejiang Science and Technology Department Major Science and Technology Public Relations Project and Zhejiang Province"Major Science and Technology Special (Priority Theme) Social Development Project.There are 4 papers and 6 patent applications accepted,including 4 invention patents,2 special authorizations,and 10 practical patents.They won the third prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award and the first set of products in the Zhejiang Province.