Quality and integrity of enterprise undertaking


To build business integrity, fair and competitive market environment, strengthen the quality and integrity system, and ensure product quality and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, promote the building of the "quality of Wenzhou" and "Credit Wenzhou", the enterprise solemn commitment to the community:

First, firmly establish the "quality first" thinking, and constantly enhance the quality awareness and social responsibility awareness, ensure and improve product quality, and give enterprises the main responsibility for quality, to meet the expectations of the masses of people and the demand for high quality products to enhance people's consumption confidence.

Second, strict compliance with the "Product Quality Law," "Standardization Law", "Measuring Law" and other laws and regulations, strict enforcement of product standards, not fake, not selling, eliminate false propaganda, and resolutely resist the fake and shoddy, consumer fraud and other dishonesty offense, not against the legitimate interests of other companies.

Third, strengthen the full, the entire process of comprehensive quality management, the implementation of advanced quality management methods, improving measurement assurance system, quality control system, standardization and quality assurance system, strict raw materials, production processes, products manufactured the whole process of sales, storage and transportation .

Fourth, the establishment of quality and safety initiative accident reporting system, and strictly implement quality and safety responsibility system, improve product quality and traceability system, the quality of consumer complaints resolved in a timely manner, conscientiously perform their recall of product quality, "three guarantees" such as product quality responsibilities and obligations.

The units to strictly fulfill these commitments. Any violation, willing to bear the corresponding legal responsibility, accept dishonesty offenses included bad credit history to the public.


Commitment (stamp): Gold Wenzhou City Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.

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May 18, 2016
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